Dr. Gail S. Verona was appointed to serve as the Rutgers University Advisory Board Liaison to the Educational Services Commission of New Jersey’s (ESCNJ) Board of Directors.

 “Rutgers University expressed a desire to serve on our Board in an advisory capacity a year ago, and the addition has been productive,” said ESCNJ Board President Dale Caldwell.

“The Board was eager to continue the relationship,” Dr. Caldwell added.

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 Dr. Verona will continue offering counsel and advice in several areas including curriculum, policy issues, finance and professional development.

Dr. Verona is currently an Assistant Professor of Professional Practice in the Department of Educational Theory, Policy and Administration, in the Graduate School of Education at Rutgers. Dr. Verona, was previously a member of the ESCNJ Board when she was Superintendent of the Jamesburg Public Schools and serves in a nonvoting capacity.

The ESCNJ provides services and programs for school districts statewide, and operates six schools in Middlesex County for student’s ages 3-21 with autism spectrum disorders, multiple disabilities, and at-risk behaviors. The largest Educational Services Commission in New Jersey, the ESCNJ coordinates transportation services for approximately 12,000 students, and manages a 1,200 member Co-op Pricing System, the largest cooperative buying program in New Jersey.