SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ - The Educational Foundation of South Brunswick awarded the teachers and staff of the district with the Beam of Light award. The award is a way for members of the community to honor anyone in the school community. The award was first created in 2014 and has since been given to over 120 recipients.

            Usually, members of the community can make a $10 tax-deductible contribution to the Educational Foundation to present a Beam of Light certificate to a member of the school district with a personalized note and the donor’s name. The award presented to all teachers and staff was from the Educational Foundation Trustees.

            “The foundation truly appreciates how hard you are working to continue to educate our most precious asset (our children) while facing your own challenge. Thank you! Be safe, be well.” the certificate reads.

            All South Brunswick teachers and staff will receive this certificate. According to the foundation, they have raised over $1,500 through the Beam of Light program, making it a vehicle for the foundation to raise money while honoring members of the school district.