SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ - Kindergarten enrollment in the South Brunswick Township Public Schools is at an all-time low, according to Superintendent Scott Feder. As of June 1st, 2020, there are only an estimated 242 children who are registered for kindergarten. According to Feder, the district usually expects around 400 to 500 children to be registered by this time.

Feder believes that the reason for this low number is due to the coronavirus, as all schools will be continuing to do remote learning until the end of the school year. As of now, the South Brunswick School District is unsure whether they will return to a normal school schedule in September.

The board is currently planning a ‘full-blown remote’ model for the 2020-2021 school year. They are also determining if they can bring kids back to school at all depending on state guidelines. As of now, Kindergarten will be going forward remotely in September.

Feder urges residents with children over the age of five to register their children for kindergarten, even if they are undecided. Usually, a low registration number this early would mean budgetary cuts in schools. As of now, since Feder believes that residents are waiting to sign up their children due to caution around the pandemic, the board will not be making any financial decisions based on these numbers.