SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ - The South Brunswick School District has laid out their goals for the next few school years in a slide show that is available on the district website. The new plan prioritizes equity, safety and security, and student support. The presentation also lays out strategic planning of how best to implement these new elements and a timeline of when they should be accomplished.

            According to the slide show, the South Brunswick School District will implement the strategic plan objectives at the rate of expectations as outlined in the “Initiative Timeline.” Agendas such as “Staff Self Care + Wellness” and “Technology Infrastructure Planning” have been initiated since the beginning of this school year according to the timeline. Other initiatives such as “Diverse Candidate Hiring” and “Before + After School Safety” are expected to be implemented this upcoming January- June period of the school year. The Slide Show emphasizes that the timeline may shift, but any significant changes will be communicated and visible with the board of education.

            The slide show also breaks down what they call the key feature of the first year of implementing this new plan. Components include visible work such as ‘Family University’ an initiative to educate families about what to expect at each grade level, and support them as they navigate the school system. Other Visible work includes developing a committee to address vaping in South Brunswick Schools.

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            One of the goals of the district that is laid out in the slideshow is ‘Equity.’ The School District is looking to close the achievement gap, ensure an equitable access to resources for every student, and allocate resources properly.

             “By June, 2020, the district will 1) Build capacity on Culturally Responsive Teaching through specific, targeted professional learning. 2) Diversify our workforce. 3) Use data to identify targeted needs specific to issues of equity. 4)  Establish ambassadors and mentorships,” The slide show reads.

            Other district goals include safety. The new plan calls for a total audit of current safety procedures, structures, and protocols across the district for identified unstructured areas. The plan also calls for meeting the standards set by “Alyssa’s Law,” a New Jersey law signed by Governor Phil Murphy requiring all New Jersey public schools to install silent panic alarms that will alert law enforcement during emergencies such as an active shooter.

            The final goal laid out in the plan is to encourage more student support, especially for those who live in the district who come from a lower socio-economic background such as black, Hispanic and special needs students. The School plans to do this by identifying the best practices in the field for making gains with historically underserved populations and build support structures specific to sub-group needs such as Preschool English Language Learner program.

            “We will personalize support for any student in need with a specific attention on historically underserved populations that build on student’s strengths, and target their areas of need to ensure their success” The slide show reads under the category of ‘Student Support,’ “We will empower all students to determine their personal vision for achievement and success.”