SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ - The South Brunswick Public Library Foundation's Young Orators Competition for 4th Graders took place on Sunday, Dec. 8th.  The winners are Sharvascini Rengasami of Indian Fields School in First Place; Aadya Sadana of West Windsor in Second Place; and Ira Shetty of Indian Fields School in Third Place. South Brunswick Mayor Charlie Carley came by to personally congratulate all the 23 young students who participated. The fifth graders competed first on Nov. 24th and the third graders will have their competition on Jan. 12. Each of the winners received a T-shirt along with a certificate of achievement.

The South Brunswick Young Orators Competition is done in partnership with CKW Academy and Youth Leadership Development Program. CKW Academy’s mission is to help students develop a love of reading, writing, and vocabulary, and the Young Leadership Development Program is dedicated to building the attitude and skills for social change in young people, according to the South Brunswick Public Library website.