SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ - Monday night, Superintendent Scott Feder delivered a report to the Board of Education about the state of all South Brunswick Schools during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Feder spoke about how the schools have continued to provide certain services and what challenges they face for the future.

With all classes being held online, the schools will continue to provide other services remotely. Juniors can attend a virtual college fair on May 4th - 6th, with live streams of expert presentations. The Health and Wellness Fair will be virtual as well, to help serve families in the community

            It was announced on Monday that the Schools will continue to provide meals to families with children in the district regardless of their lunch status. As of this past Wednesday, they have provided over 400 meals for families with children in South Brunswick.

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Feder said that it is unlikely that schools will be opened by the end of the year, and the board is considering multiple possibilities for how to continue schooling during the pandemic. When schools do come back into session, parameters like masks, fever tests, continued social distancing and even summer classes have been considered. Feder stressed that none of these practices will go into effect until they are told they can continue classes by the state.

“All the things that we are used to, the normalcies are not here right now,” Feder said, “There is a very good chance that they will not be here by the time school is over. We will get through this and continue to focus on the families in our community”

Before the pandemic, Feder held a presentation before the board about the loss of money that South Brunswick Schools were facing due to a cut of state aid. Feder said that this might be worse due to the pandemic, as families face economic hardships and schools are funded by local taxes.

He spoke about the concerns from students about grading. Some placements for classes have already been done, and the board is putting together a new placement system for future classes.

Feder then addressed issues regarding summer activities, such as classes and camps. He clarified that the board will be working on some sort of solution and will keep the public informed about their decisions.

“While we may not know the answers, we do know the questions, and we are working hard as a team to come up with plans for all different scenarios,” the Superintendent said. “We are not just looking at the challenges, we are also looking at the lessons learned and how to apply that in the future.”