SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ - Joe Scaletti is a first time candidate running for the Board of Education in South Brunswick, he is a lifelong union carpenter and currently a delegate for Local 254 Keystone Mountain Lakes Region. Scatelli also serves as the Middlesex Chairman for Volunteer Organizing Committee Local 254. This committee organizes community tasks for union carpenters, such as building handicap ramps and food pantry collections. He has also been a member of the South Brunswick Athletic Association and a Softball coach for the past decade.

 Scaletti has been a South Brunswick Resident for 20 years. Both of his daughters have attended South Brunswick schools and his youngest daughter is currently a senior at South Brunswick High School. Scatelli says that he is running because he wants to put the focus of the board on the children above anything else and to give them “a hand up, not a hand out.”

 “The central theme of my campaign is honesty. My goal as a member of the Board of Education will be to communicate honestly with South Brunswick residents regarding school issues and board votes” Scaletti said in an email, “I am committed to insuring the well-being of all of our students and making sure they have the tools they need to succeed.”

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 Part of Scatelli’s platform is promoting schools safety. As the township is rated as one of the leading public school districts for academics, Scatelli wants the school to be a leader in protecting the children. To do this, Scatelli has promoted more counseling services in South Brunswick schools for mental health and substance abuse. Scatelli has put an emphasis on creating what he calls an inclusive community environment to ensure both the success and safety of all the kids in this school district.

 “I believe it is critical that our school system provides sufficient resources, whether that be counseling or peer-to-peer programs, to our students who need them most.” Scatelli said in his email “I also support increasing programs for students with special needs to insure they are not left behind and have every opportunity possible. I am fully committed to putting the focus back on our kids.”

Scatelli also runs on a platform of making the educational system more accessible and more inclusive. For example, Scatelli has expressed that he wants to limit the amount of standardized testing done in schools, such as the PARCC exam, as a means to eliminate the unnecessary burden from the lives of children, according to Scatelli’s biography. He has also emphasized on creating an equal opportunity for children regardless of their socioeconomic standing.

 According to his email, Scatelli wants to stress transparency and honesty. He encourages creating a school district where parents, students and staff feel comfortable coming forward with their concerns. Whether it be school issues or board votes, Scatelli’s goal as a member of the board of education is to communicate honestly.

“If I am not aware of an issue or problem affecting your children or the school district, I encourage you to explain it to me and share your opinion. And if I tell you I can do something, I will do it,” Scatelli said in his email.