SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ  --- There will be only five polling stations operating in South Brunswick for the New Jersey primary elections on July 7th, 2020. In 2019, the township had 10 polling stations that were available to the public based based on districts. For the 2020 primary elections, any residents can cast a provisional ballot at any of the five polling stations. This is in keeping with an executive order from Governor Murphy for all townships to cut down their polling places by 50%.

            The five available polling locations are at Indian Fields School, Crossroad School South, South Brunswick High School, Constable School and Brunswick Acres School. There will be no polling station available in the Kingston area of South Brunswick, last year there was one available at the first aid center on Route 27.

            Barbra Nyitrai, the township clerk for South Brunswick, said that these locations were chosen because they are evenly distributed across the township and can be reached by any resident. These locations were also picked because they are schools, which are not in use due to the pandemic. Other polling locations in the past include first aid centers and firehouses, which are in use.

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            The township is also experiencing a shortage of poll workers for the 2020 primary election. As of June 24th, 2020 there are only 46 volunteer poll workers for the township. Usually, South Brunswick has an average of 120 poll workers per election. Mrs. Nyitrai said that most poll workers in South Brunswick are in the ‘older age’ demographic.

            The township is coordinating their efforts with the Middlesex County Board of Elections, to insure that all residents are able to vote and maintain social distancing, according to Mrs. Nyitrai. The board will be providing workers with face coverings and gloves, voters will be provided with PPE and hand sanitizer if needed. Residents will be casting a paper ballot this year, as to avoid touch screens, and tables will be wiped down after every ballot is cast.

            “Usually, primary turnouts are not very high. So we are hoping with this election, and the advertisement by the county and the state, people will be voting by mail ballot. So if they do, we are anticipating short lines,” Mrs. Nyitrai said, “But if people come out we will be ready”