NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - Federal employees who are out of work because of the partial government shutdown now can a little bit of sympathy from a group of New Jersey coffee shops that are giving the workers free cups of java.

Hidden Grounds Coffee, which has two shops in New Brunswick, as well as locations in Jersey City and Hoboken, posted signs in the store windows with the free offers.

"If you work for the following government agencies, your coffee in on us," reads the sign that also been posted on social media.

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Spoorthi Kumar, a co-owner of the company, told NJBIZ that the stores are also offering free pastries to the workers.

According to the sign, the offer is open to employees of the departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Justice, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Defense and Education, as well as Congress and "any other we might have missed."

The last line on the sign said the offer is "valid until our government gets it together again."

Kumar, who along with partner Anand Patel owns the shops, said the two of them have been watching news of the shutdown and the effects, according to the NJBIZ story. Kumar said she felt some of the effects when she came through an airport earlier this week after returning from a trip to India.

“It doesn’t just have to deal with the government shutting down, but people having no paychecks and not being able to pay their rent or feed their kids,” Kumar is quoted as saying.