SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ - The South Brunswick Police Department has been working to alert residents about scams and misinformation that have been circulating online about the Coronavirus. Daily Nixle alerts from the department have been warning citizens about these scams and directing people to the official New Jersey Homeland Security website about Coronavirus misinformation. That website can be found by clicking here.

            On their official instagram account, the South Brunswick Police have been educating the public on how to identify scams and misinformation. Certain cyber thieves will engage in “Stimulus Scams” which offer people financial aid over the phone. Official financial relief will never be sent over the phone or text, all information can be found on the IRS website.

            Before making any donations, the South Brunswick Police urges residents to do research on the charity or organization, as some may be fraudulent. All verified charities are listed as “Tax Exempt” on the IRS website. Also be sure to check out any store or supplier before purchasing any essential goods, scammers will often create fake stores and websites to take money.

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            Bogus treatments and home testing kits for COVID-19 are also common for cybercriminals. Do not purchase any of these products, as the FDA has not approved them. The South Brunswick Police suggest visiting the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and FDA websites for all useful information.


            “Phishing Scams” and robocallers have been imitating groups such as the World Health Organization and the CDC. These agencies will never personally reach out to any citizen and you should not supply them with any sort of personal information. The South Brunswick Police recommend that you avoid clicking on any link from these accounts and do not pick up the phone for any number that is unfamiliar.

            Earlier this month, South Brunswick authorities assisted in the arrest of a man who was scamming local pizzerias by placing orders for the police and never picking them up. Employees say they have lost more than $1,000 in products due to this scam. The 34-year-old was arrested in Florida and is currently awaiting trial.