SPOTSWOOD, NJ - A Tort Claims Notice from the legal offices of Gina Mendola Longarzo was sent to the Spotswood Municipal Offices in early April on behalf of Spotswood Police Chief Michael Zarro and Captain Philip Corbisiero of the Spotswood Police Department.

Copies of the 19-page Tort Claims Notice that accuses borough Mayor Ed Seely and Business Administrator Dawn McDonald of various acts of corruption including bribery and creating a hostile work environment have since appeared on the social media site Facebook.

Seely was elected mayor of the borough in November of 2016 after spending 12 years on the borough council. McDonald was appointed business administrator in 2013. Zarro became chief of police in the borough in 2014 after the retirement of longtime chief, Karl Martin. The Spotswood Police Department hired Zarro in 1995 as a patrolman. Corbisiero has served the borough for more than 25 years.

A Tort Claims Notice is a document sent to a government entity notifying that a lawsuit may be filed. A Tort Claims Notice is not a lawsuit. Parties must wait six months before filing a lawsuit. After that he or she has until the statue of limitations runs out to file suit.