ASBURY PARK, NJ - In true Irish fashion, the fog lay over the ocean and walked on what T.S Eliot would call "little cat feet" along the St. Patrick's Day parade route this Sunday in Asbury Park, New Jersey.  Out of the mist came leprechauns and Vikings; mummers and bagpipers; and all sorts of fantastically-dressed figures, enveloped in green and winding through the City by the Sea.  This was a true parade of the people - a little crooked, a bit silly, good-humored and welcoming.  And a band from East Brunswick was there to rock it along the route.

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son did EB proud, winning the emerald ribbon for being "Best in Parade."  Mahoney rocked out and waved on to the crowd while riding on the float from The Stone Pony, AP's iconic rock club. and supported by a sound system from Asbury Audio.

Candy flew through the air.  Firetrucks sounded their horns. Then, a parade with a sense of place vanished back into the Irish mist.