SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ - Wednesday, police in South Brunswick assisted in celebrating a local eight-year old’s police-themed birthday party. When Insiyah’s party was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, her mother reached out to the police department to help them celebrate.

            Available police officers brought cop cars and drove by her home to stage a mini police parade. They flashed their lights and sirens and were able to speak with her from a safe distance. One of the officers bought a box of munchkins from Dunkin Donuts for her. Insiyah came outside to see the police in a small cop uniform.

            “We were not told that it was police-themed in the beginning but were told that she loved her police department and it would mean a lot to her if we just drove by for a bit to cheer her up,” said South Brunswick Police Lieutenant Eugene Rickle “She was smiling the whole time that we were there, she seemed so happy to see us.”

            These moments were all caught on the South Brunswick Police Twitter page. Pictures and a video of the police cars driving by are all available, Insiyah’s mother Tweeted her thanks to the South Brunswick Police:“A big thank you to the South Brunswick police department for making my daughter's birthday a one to remember all our life...she has declared this birthday to be the BEST ever! Thank you for the kind gesture and kudos to your spirit during these difficult times...appreciate it!!”