SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ - The South Brunswick Police Department have investigated a report of a suspected bias incident at the Cambridge Elementary School on October 1. Police were alerted to the potential bias incident by a Facebook post where a young male said that he was playing on the school's playground when he was yelled at by an adult male to leave because he was Indian. The SBPD were made aware of the social media post on October 2.

School was closed on Tuesday because of the Jewish holiday, but detectives were able to secure surveillance footage of the playground at the time of the suspected incident. Using the footage, detectives identified the family playing on the playground and questioned the husband and wife. The husband denied speaking to the unidentified juvenile. The man's wife also said her husband did not speak to the child, saying that she herself was an immigrant. Detectives met with the young male's parents and informed them that the people in the playground were identified and spoken to by the department regarding the incident.

“We take all cases involving potential bias seriously," South Brunswick Police Chief Raymond Hayducka said in a press release. "In under 48 hours a team of officers and detectives pieced together video surveillance, interviewed a half dozen people and identified the people in the park. I want to thank the South Brunswick School District for their assistance in the matter.”