SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ - Since the start of 2020, South Brunswick Township has been plagued with overnight burglaries of unlocked vehicles. Twenty-four burglaries have been reported to the South Brunswick Police Department since early January. Throughout the course of the investigation, it has come to appear that the multiple incidents in South Brunswick Township may be connected to similar thefts in neighboring communities located in Somerset and Mercer Counties.

South Brunswick detectives have recovered several images of the suspect thanks to home surveillance and doorbell cameras. The suspect first approaches vehicles parked on the street and in driveways. If the doors are unlocked, the suspect enters the vehicle and then removes any loose items such as electronics and money. It appears from images taken that the suspect wears gloves. The suspect's face is also partially obstructed by an article of clothing.

The 24 incidents are not limited to one particular area in the township according to the South Brunswick Police Department. The SBPD is reminding residents to lock the doors of vehicles parked outside in the evening. Detectives are asking anyone with information on any of the car burglaries to contact the South Brunswick Police Department by telephoning 732-329-4646.