SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ - The strong thunderstorms that moved through Middlesex County on Wednesday brought with it heavy rains causing flooding along many township streets including Fresh Ponds Road, Promenade Boulevard and Summerfield Boulevard. According to the South Brunswick Police Department's Twitter account, one home in the township was hit by lightning and residents in Dayton experienced power outages. Traffic lights along Route 130 were out as well though the department tweeted that there were not any reports of serious injuries as a result of the storm. By late Wednesday evening, South Brunswick Police reported the previously closed streets and intersections were reopened.

Nearby towns including East Brunswick and South River had flooding issues as well. The East Brunswick Police Department warned residents of major flooding throughout the town on Wednesday and asked residents to avoid traveling unless absolutely necessary. South River residents also dealt with flooding issues with streets such as Northside Avenue, Spring Street and Ferry Street among the roadways underwater yesterday. Even the Middlesex County Fair closed last night due to the weather. The fair is back tonight though with its usual 5 p.m. opening. Today's forecast is also dry as is the forecast through the upcoming weekend.