LIVINGSTON, NJ - The Monsanto Company, one of the largest producers of genetically modified foods and notorious for its involvement in multiple lawsuits and controversies, has met its latest challenger in Livingston High School graduate Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai.

Ayyadurai is attempting to alert the public to the hazards of unregulated GMOs through a drastic challenge: if Monsanto can disprove his research, which shows that GMO soy contains high levels of formaldehyde and a depletion of glutathione, Ayyadurai will sign over his $10 million building in Cambridge, MA.

“If this is what it takes to bring the truth to the American people, then I am more than willing to do it,” Ayyadurai stated in a press release.

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Ayyadurai, an MIT graduate who holds the first U.S. patent for email, has exposed a lack of acceptable testing standards for Monsanto’s GMOs through research published in the peer-reviewed journal Agricultural Sciences.

“The results predict significant accumulation of formaldehyde and concomitant depletion of glutathione in the GMO, suggesting how a ‘small’ and single GM creates ‘large’ and systemic perturbations to molecular systems equilibria,” Ayydaurai wrote in the abstract to his paper, refuting the claim that genetic modifications are a harmless extension of the natural process of plant breeding.

Ayyadurai’s primary wish is to reveal the risks of Monsanto’s practices with the public. His official challenge to the company states:

“If Monsanto can disprove the fact that there are no safety assessment standards for GMOs, the conclusion of our fourth paper, then I will give them my $10 million building.”

Ayyadurai’s attempts to contact Monsanto officials to discuss his research have been futile. Nevertheless, the crusader from Livingston has exposed alarming findings regarding the company’s practices.