SOUTH ORANGE, NJ -- NJ Transit has implemented schedule changes effective Saturday, Oct. 13.

Schedules are adjusted several times a year based on data the agency collects, Village President Alex Torpey said.

South Orange resident and transit advocate Scott Greenstone said, “NJ Transit modifies the schedules every spring and fall to adjust for ridership changes.”

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The village's Transit Committee has told NJ Transit that one of the major complaints is overcrowding, Torpey said.

“We met way back when we first formed and discussed some of these issues, figuring out what the priorities are and making sure all of that is properly communicated to NJ Transit, and ensuring that we have updates on the next schedule change before it happens,” Torpey said.

The committee communicates via email when concerns come up, Torpey said.

“Folks want shorter commutes, with less stops for express trains, as well as the cars to be less crowded,” Torpey said. “We're also working on improving the actual condition of the station, which has been an ongoing complaint from residents for many years.”

According to the South Orange Village website, changes include reducing travel time on the 6:19 train by eliminating two stops, and adding multi-level cars on some lines to address overcrowding.

To see the new schedule, click here.

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