SOUTH ORANGE, N.J. – Residents of the village may be able to receive money for home repairs from the township’s Housing Rehabilitation Program through the Council On Affordable Housing (Municipal Trust Funds, administered by Triad Associates.

As part of the State Housing Initiatives, officials have collected $120,000 in developers’ fees for affordable housing, said program administrator Carolyn Zumpino in a phone interview. Low- to moderate-income residents are eligible for “up to standards” repairs. Required documentations for the program include income tax forms such as W-2s, proof of security/disability, homeowner’s insurance, a copy of the homeowner’s deed and a copy of a current real-estate tax bill. 

The program also accepts applications from rental and occupied properties such as single-family homes and condominiums. Repairs are prioritized based on needs as designated by “code-related items” such as health and safety guidelines and weather damage.  

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“The program will allow households that normally would not have the assets available to pay for major repairs to their homes an opportunity to have them repaired,” Zumpino said. “The repairs will help stabilize neighborhoods by repairing homes and allowing individuals to retain their property.”

Since the funding is based on household income, there will be little change to the requirements in eligibility for residents affected by Hurricane Sandy.

“If an insurance provider was not able to compensate the homeowner completely for any damage sustained, we might be able to leverage these funds to assist in the rehabilitation of the property,” Zumpino said. 

The Housing Rehabilitation Program is part of the New Jersey government’s plan to provide affordable housing to needed residents. Divided into six regions, the program outlines funding to counties based on how many people live in each property in proportion to the maximum budget. Annually, the program’s income guidelines vary and are subject to change every May. Construction usually begins 30 days after the initial application submission with documented approval.

For more information contact Carolyn Zumpino at 856-690-9590 or visit

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