Stressed Out about Property Taxes?
Are you worried about the impact that the South Orange reassessment will have on your property taxes?  First, remember that it's all relative. Having your home valued for more than it was previously does not automatically mean that your taxes will go up, too. If your home went up $20,000 in value and all of your neighbors' homes did as well; then your share of the property taxes hasn't changed much.
Once the 2017 tax rate is established, the town will apply the rate to the newly assessed values. Refer to this map to see your estimated 2017 property tax amount.
If you think that your assessed home value is more than 15% of the real market value, you can appeal your assessment. The first step is to request your home's property record card that lists key stats on your home.
To request a property record  card, send an email to In the subject line write "PRC request”  and include your lot and block number which can be found on your tax bill.
Verify that the information on the record card is correct. If you find an inaccuracy, contact the assessment company, Appraisal Systems, at 201-493-8530.
Before meeting with Appraisal Systems, get local comps of recent sales of similarly sized homes in your neighborhood to present to the company. Contact me if you need me to provide comps to you.
Once you meet with Appraisal Systems , you should hear back from them within 2 months concerning any changes to your assessment.
If your meeting with the appraisal company fails to yield satisfactory results, then you can file an appeal with the Essex County Board of Taxation. The appeal must be filed between January 1 - May 1, 2017. 
If you have more questions or concerns about your taxes, contact me at I would be happy to discuss your assessment with you.
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