Good morning gentlemen, I wanted to thank you personally and on behalf of Sakoutis Bros. Disposal for the exceptional job and immediate response on the evening of 2/20/17. As you are more than aware, safety is prevalent, and your team made sure that, that was first priority. I had no choice but to stand and watch for several hours and it would be an understatement if I said I was extremely impressed. Just keeping track of who was where, the trucks on the scene, the setting up of equipment if someone needed help, oxygen, ambulance, etc. Was really extraordinary to witness. As a result of your team’ pure professionalism and immediate response, our facility sustained minimal damage which allowed us to be operational on 2/22/17 by 11am. And above all, no one that I know of got hurt.

On another note, the aftermath is quit stressful, and you really don’t know where to begin. You had two men here for two days after (Eddie & John) – all I can say is that these two men were as concerned as we were to get back in business! They really made us feel a lot more confident and comfortable with what we will be needing to do to move forward. Their knowledge and experience is something you cannot put a value on (priceless). I can honestly say that I feel like I made two new friends. They are an asset to your team and an asset to the community. If we had more Eddie & John’s in this world – I know it would be a better place for us all.

Thank you both for running such a tight ship, and first class operation. You are to be commended!!