Dear South Plainfield Residents,
During the first week of being quarantined Sal Severini, a South Plainfield resident and small local business owner (essential, front line worker) was already asking himself what he could do to help others during this difficult time within his community. He especially wanted to help families in his town with kids who are home and need something fun to do. Sal loves being in the kitchen with his family and understands the joy food can bring to someone. It was a no brainier to him to start bringing pizza kits to kids in South Plainfield. Sal thought it was a great way to keep kids occupied. Sal knows many people, small businesses, and organizations within the South Plainfield community so he made sure to fill them in on his idea. Discounted prices for the kit items from several pizzerias in the town and donations from local organizations started pouring in. Sal still put money out of his own pocket, and don't forget all the time spent delivering. It all started with 30 pizza kits and now is well into the hundreds. Sal randomly sees someone outside with their kids and drops off a kit to them without even knowing them personally. To say he has a kind heart is an understatement. Not only is he helping families with these pizza kits, essential and front line workers with subs and actual pizzas to families in need as well as senior citizens, he is supporting small local businesses. When speaking to him he told me that he did not want to be recognized for anything, he was just doing this to help others and he hopes that others will do the same by paying it forward. I felt his generosity needed to be spotlighted- a hometown hero- bringing light during a time of darkness.
Stay Healthy South Plainfield,
Jessica Chin