SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ – As Children’s Dental Health Month winds to a close, the dentists at Advanced Family Dentistry are reminding people that that there’s more to good dental health than just brushing your teeth twice a day.

“A large part of the population doesn’t floss,” said Dr. John J. Nazzaro, one of two dentists at the South Plainfield Avenue practice.  Dr. Nazzaro said flossing and regular cleanings are key to good dental health.  “That, of course, is in addition to brushing twice a day.”

While some people visit their dentists annually, Dr. Nazzaro recommends visits every six months.  “A cavity can grow quickly,” he said, and a six-month cleaning allows the dentist to catch cavities before they become a problem or even require a root canal.

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Dr. Nazzaro and fellow dentist Dr. Heather Platt urge patients to practice good dental hygiene, and they also use some of the latest technology to keep one step ahead of cavities and other dental problems.

“We take digital x-rays, which emit less radiation than traditional x-rays,” Dr. Nazzaro explained.  The office also just started using inter-oral photography, which allows patients to see video images from inside their mouths.

“We can show them if they have plaque buildup and, if so, how bad it is,” said Dr. Nazzaro, a graduate of Tufts University Dental School in Boston.  “Plaque on teeth is like barnacles on a ship.  It requires a professional cleaning to remove it.”

The doctors also recommend electric tooth brushes to help with plaque.  They help control plaque better than traditional brushes.  And, of course, for patients who have a history of cavities, fluoride rinses are another tool for fighting decay.

Dr. Platt, who obtained her dental degree from UMDNJ, said there are also some easy things people can incorporate into their daily routines that can keep their teeth healthy.  For example, after drinking soda or other sweet drinks, rinse your mouth out with water.  While watching sweets also helps, she suggests people especially avoid sticky or gummy candy, which sticks to teeth.

Both doctors also try to ease any anxiety patients might have by letting them know what is going to happen during the visit ahead of time, with the goal of making each patient as comfortable as possible.  And according to their patients, the team is good at it.

“Dr. Nazzaro was very personable, explained my dental health condition and all my options clearly,” said patient Frank Cirillo in a testimonial on the doctors’ website.  “I have recommended this office to all my friends and family.”

In addition to checkups, cleanings, and fillings, Advanced Family Dentistry also performs restorative and cosmetic work.  The practice’s services include

·         Root Canal Therapy

·         Periodontal Treatments

·         Dentures & Partials

·         Teeth Whitening

·         Tooth Colored Fillings

·         Crowns (Caps) 

·         Porcelain Veneers

·         Implant Surgery

·         Implant Restorations

In addition, people who are interested in improving their smile can do a “smile analysis” on the Advanced Family Dentistry website. Patients can schedule appointments on the site, and it is chock full of information about dental health, modern dentistry options, and other useful information.  

While promoting dental health for patients is paramount at Advanced Family Dentistry, the practice also believes in giving back to the community by promoting dental health for kids who would not receive it otherwise.  Each year the practice participates in “Give Kids a Smile!” day, a day when it offers free dental care to children under twelve who don’t have insurance or are on New Jersey Family Care.  The program is statewide, with thousands of professionals taking part.   

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