SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ - On Tuesday afternoon, a young student standing outside South Plainfield High School with his friends overheard a person in a red van say, “Get into the van.”

The student took the correct action, moved away from the van and called (his mother) for help, who immediately contacted the South Plainfield Police Department. The high school administration was notified by the South Plainfield Police, who are working with the School District to identify the van and ensure our children are safe. School personnel are informed and are keeping watch and reminding students of safety procedures.

We are informing our community so you can remind your children to be careful if approached by strangers. Children should try to be with other students and not be alone, they should never interact with people they do not know, and if they are placed in an uncomfortable situation they should immediately leave the area and seek help. Additionally, the South Plainfield Police have increased their patrols around our schools. The South Plainfield School District will continue to work with our Police Department to provide a safe environment for our students.

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Mr. Tom Gialanella

Interim Superintendent of Schools
South Plainfield