South Plainfield – This week Mayor Anesh and his team discuss how the Democrats are once again talking about their plans, but actions speak louder than words.

            Mayor Matt Anesh, along with Council President Rob Bengivenga and Councilman Joe Wolak, want to keep South Plainfield moving forward and continue to ‘get it done’ for our hometown.  “The Democrats for years promised all kinds of things, but that’s where it ended,” said Mayor Anesh.  “In contrast, our team proves that working together, we don’t make promises, we deliver results.”

            “Even though Municipal taxes, the taxes controlled by the council are down for the second consecutive year, we need to always be thinking of innovative ways to invest more in our hometown.” added Council President Bengivenga. 

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            “When I first got involved, I couldn’t believe all the promises that were made by the democrats and the amount of money wasted on studies that proved the democrat’s empty promises were nothing more than campaign rhetoric.” added Wolak. “I am proud to be part of a team that works together and gets things done for our home town.”

The following projects are just a few examples of how Mayor Anesh and his team have come up with innovative ways to fix empty democrat promises:


  • Library Addition: Under Mayor Anesh, the library doubled in size at no additional cost to the taxpayers. Patrons are up 180% and programs 140%. In contrast, the democrats promised a new library for over a decade, squandered a $1,000,000 and got nowhere. The Anesh team stepped in and got it done, despite opposition from the local democrat party.


  • Willow Park: Willow Park has seen a complete overhaul with a beautiful play structure, swings and most recently the addition of an adaptive play structure. Under the stale democrat days, Willow Park was nothing but an eyesore behind borough hall, filled with broken glass, tires, and rubbish.


  • The Southside Dog Park opened in fall of 2017 and was the first park added to the Borough’s roster in decades. The previous democrat administration let the polluting property owner off the hook, and left the taxpayers with a $350,000 cleanup bill. The democrats even tried to fight this park from happening.


  • Liquid Assets Closure: While the democrats were taking campaign contributions from the crime infested go-go bars owners, Mayor Anesh and his team were fighting to close the bar and now it’s a great seafood restaurant.

“Our record speaks for itself,” added Bengivenga. “the democrats for years have been making empty promises with no plans to deliver.”

“It’s simple, ask them why they didn’t build the library?, why didn’t they build willow park?, why didn’t they clean up the suburban bus company? why didn’t they build a dog park? and lastly, why couldn’t they close liquid assets?” added Wolak.  “The answer is simple, they cared more about campaigning and elections than actually getting the job done.”

The difference between the two teams running for mayor and council is simple, according to Mayor Anesh: “This election is about results versus empty promises.  It’s about getting it done for our hometown and with your support we can continue to do that.”

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