The South Plainfield Amateur Radio Club (SPARC) is participating in the national Amateur Radio Relay League’s Annual Field Day this June 27th & 28th at Spring Lake Park in South Plainfield. Watch for the schedule and get involved as a family or as an individual.  Contact: Marvin Bronstein, President of SPARC at: for further information.

The event will start setting up during the morning of June 27th. The event will become operational at 2 PM of June 27th and continue through 2 PM of June 28th.  SPARC expects the Mayor and Council Members to visit at 12 Noon on the 28th to meet the Public and Press.

SPARC anticipates that the Mayor will issue a Borough Proclamation on June __ declaring Amateur Radio Week.

There will be a tent set up where questions on Amateur Radio maybe answered along with demonstrations of SPARC activities.