SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ - Twelve year old, 7th grader, Anthony White captured his second State Wrestling Championship, this weekend, at the Sun Bank Area in Trenton, NJ. The Tournament is the pinnacle of NJ Youth Wrestling. White slashed his way through the competition until he met two  time State Champ Eric Freeman in the semifinals.  Anthony’s hard work, cool head and strength/endurance training paid off as he was able to hang onto to a 2-1 lead over the very worthy adversary. He was very stoic after a dynamic pin in the finals, over Derek Giordano, to earn him the gold. This is very characteristic of Anthony and SP Wrestlers in general. A premium is put on the work not the celebration. Still, this was a Cinderella story unlike many others. In 2015 Anthony did not place in the State Tournament. This lit a fire inside the young wrestler who immediately set goals for himself including winning the championship. He practiced and trained nearly every day including double sessions on the mat. His hard work and determination paid off and we are proud of the 90lb Junior Division Champ. Great job White!

Third grader , Alex “Mouch” Pigna found himself on a seemingly impossible side of a Bantam 45lb bracket. Mouch opened up with solid wins only to meet the eventual champ in the semifinals. The up and coming wrestler ended the day with a solid 4th place finish.

Sixth grader,  Jacob DelVecchio, took 6th place in the Junior 85lb division. DelVecchio has been a stand out wrestler for recreation and middle school for years. He is known as one the hardest workers on the mat. He is arguably one of the strongest wrestlers pound for pound in the SP wrestling room.

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Fifth grader, Justus Neimeyer, placed  6th in the 80lb Novice (Midget) Divison. Like White and DelVecchio, Justus fell short of his goals in 2015 and was determined to take control of his future. Neimeyer’s natural strength and determination paid off on the mat this weekend.

Sixth grader, Derek Glenn, cut out a place on the podium at the 7th place position. The fast moving Glenn set the pace in his 65lb Junior Division matches. This young wrestler possesses natural speed, agility and athleticism that many kids could only wish for.

Jeff Jacome, Nicholas Campagna, Aldo Pigna, Adam Bowles, Andrew Loniewski and JJ Giordano all qualified to compete in Trenton. Many of the boys had solid wins within their divisions but fell short of standing on the podium. Just to compete in the State Tournament is a great accomplishment and experience. These kids all had the guts to put it all on the line then picked themselves up after falling short only to wait for the next opportunity to lace up their wrestling shoes.

A very special thank you to all the volunteer coaches that worked with these boys since they were 5 years old. We are very proud of the special program that is South Plainfield Wrestling.