SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ _ AristaCare at Cedar Oaks in South Plainfield, NJ hosted a first annual "Pinning of Veterans" on Thursday, November 13, 2014, in conjunction with Gentiva Hospice.  About 80 residents, staff and families attended as 25 veterans were pinned from both the long-term care and the Sub Acute units.

The veterans pinned were from all branches of the military – army, navy, air force and marines. One veteran even had a copy of his discharge papers from the army. The residents at Cedar Oaks are very patriotic, and definitely enjoyed the ceremony

The ceremony started with patriotic history, the Pledge of Allegiance, and the National Anthem. Then each veteran was pinned by a comrade from the same branch of the service. The comrades were John DeAndrea, US Navy, Robert Bengivenga, Renato Biribin, Joel Chard, US Army and Raymond Costa, US Marines.

 Each veteran received an American flag pin, a certificate thanking them for their service and a card from a school child offering thanks for protecting this country. Laurie Vagrin, Recreation Director from Arista Care announced each resident that was honored. Steven Isaac, Administrator and Adam Craven, Director of Quality of Life were also present for the ceremony. The residents at Cedar Oaks are very patriotic and enjoyed the ceremony some of the veterans were moved to tears by the event. The ceremony concluded with singing God Bless America.