GOP Candidates say its déjà vu all over again with their opponents’ making promises they can’t keep to try to earn support from voters


   SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ--- Councilman Ray Rusnak and council candidate Stephanie Bartfalvi are committed to doing more with less money from taxpayers. Matt Anesh, Ray Rusnak and the Republican team on Council kept municipal taxes the same as they were in 2009, giving South Plainfield the 3rd lowest property taxes in the County. They restored fiscal responsibility to government after years of Democrat failures while making major investments in our roads, parks, library and public safety.


            In the year before Anesh and the Republicans gained control, Democrats raised municipal taxes by 26% in one year, leaving residents with a $404.00 increase in property taxes. Worse yet, after residents were forced to pay for the Democrats’ failed tax and spend policies, not one road was paved that year.

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    “Our opponent’s team promised lower taxes in their campaign,” said Rusnak, who is a long serving member of the Finance Committee responsible for keeping municipal property taxes at the same level they were in 2009. “After they won, all they delivered was spending we couldn’t afford and a massive tax increase with no investments in improving our roads. Its déjà vu all over again with Dean & Vesce as they make promises and spread misinformation about our local finances with no specific ideas on how to improve South Plainfield. Our opponents are picking up their party’s failed playbook and saying whatever it takes to get elected. If we don’t learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it and families and seniors can’t afford a return to Democrat failed tax and spend policies of the past.”


Rusnak and Bartfalvi have discussed specific cost-saving measures that have been employed to keep down taxes and have outlined a clear plan to expand public safety programs, continue to invest our roads and infrastructure and continue to attract new businesses to our borough. Most importantly, the Anesh team has the proven record of putting taxpayers first while planning a brighter future for South Plainfield.


“While our opponents hope to resurrect their party’s failed policies, we are focused on the future,” added Bartfalvi, a life-long resident and long-time community volunteer and youth sports coach. “No party has a monopoly on good ideas and we will continue to work with residents and volunteers on our boards and committees to develop a bi-partisan, fiscally responsible long-term plan to make South Plainfield an even better place to live. In the waning weeks of the campaign, we hope to hear some specific, positive ideas from our opponents and welcome them to be part of a real dialogue about our future. As candidates, we serve our community best by being open and honest about our plans and track record.”