Dear Editor,

I keep reading in the paper about what the latest Democrat candidates want to do if elected.  I’m sure these two guys are sincere, and I’m sure they think they have some good ideas, but I have to say, I’m not convinced.

It’s one thing to say you want to do a bunch of things, and it’s another to actually get things done.

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Rob Bengivenga and Joe Wolak have a reputation for getting things done.   They are part of Mayor Anesh’s team, which I think most people will agree, is taking South Plainfield in the right direction.

A great example of what I mean is the library.  The library was an election-year promise by the Democrats.  But that was it.  Nothing ever happened for eight years.
When Mayor Anesh and his team took over, they are the ones who made the promise a reality.  It’s been that way for a lot of things.  Some people promise; others deliver.

According to their signs, Rob and Joe’s campaign theme is “Getting It Done for South Plainfield.”  Based on what I’ve seen they are keeping that promise and will continue to do so.

Bruce Madden