Dear Editor,
 I’m writing to endorse two people who I know well and who, in my opinion, are the best choice when you vote for council in a few weeks.  They are Rob Bengivenga and Joe Wolak.
 I’ve been in a position to watch Rob’s work as a councilman.  He’s been a leader, and he constantly pushes to get results for our town.

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 Joe Wolak has the same traits.  He’s been a leader on the planning board and is active in our town as a soccer and baseball coach.
 Rob and Joe know we need to work hard to keep South Plainfield safe, affordable, and growing.  For example, as head of the public-safety committee, Rob’s been working with the police to keep South Plainfield Safe.  The result:  Crime is down 3.4% for 2014 after being down 9.7% the year before.  And it’s down again so far this year too.

 And on taxes we’re also seeing results.  While the county and the school board are up big time, the council’s part of the tax bill is still down $38 since 2009 (when the Democrats ran things).  In addition, South Plainfield has one of the lowest tax burdens in Middlesex County.

 We’re also seeing a surge in business growth, which brings good-paying jobs to our community.  Progressive Insurance, biotech leader Genewiz, Sky Zone (coming soon), Gerimedix, and ERG New York are just a few examples of new or expanding businesses.

 Rob and Joe will keep these things going.  They know how to get it done for our town, and they will keep getting it done.  I urge South Plainfield to support them on Election Day.
James Tanzola