“On your mark, get set, read!”  Summer Reading clubs are coming and the themes reflect a focus on health and activity. Teens can “Get in the Game;” adults will want to “Exercise their Minds.”  Sign up begins Saturday, June 25. Check in starts the week of July 5. Great books, prizes, and fun for all!

Our Chair Yoga programs are an easy way to get an introduction to the exercise discipline that can restore and relax you. The gentle positions are very basic and suitable to all ages and figures, with all movements done while sitting in a chair. The classes are so popular that we have added more sessions.  In addition to the evening sessions on June 16th and July 14th, there will be afternoon classes at 3:00 pm on June 29th and July 27th.  Your friends and neighbors want a chance to experience this. Please sign up for one class only.

One of the special events this summer is a special “by kids, for kids” program.   If you’d like to learn about Indian culture, join 10 on 10, a week-long workshop on the 10 avatars of Vishnu led by high-schooler Puja Vengadasalam. The workshop features movies, stories, crafts and discussion, and runs from June 27th to July 1st.  The first session, 9:30-11:30, is for ages 8-10.  Younger children, ages 5-7 (and below, with a parent present) will come from 12:00-1:00. Space is strictly limited; please register in advance.

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Join us on June 25th for the formal dedication of the Frances J. Greany Memorial Children’s Room.  Following some remarks by Mayor Anesh and other VIPs at 10:00, there will be an appearance by the ever-popular Pre-School of Rock. No registration required; just wear your rockin’ dancing shoes.

If your summer plans include a job search, begin at the library. The Professional Services Group of New Brunswick is volunteering one-on-one coaching sessions for job seekers at the library.  Topics can include writing resumes, interviewing, and other job search skills. Sessions will be by appointment only on Mondays from 1:00-4:00, and at other times subject to availability.  To sign up for an appointment, please call or visit the library.

Do you have any travel plans for the summer? I’m very excited about my trip to Norway this summer, and I’m also excited at all the great resources the library has to enhance my trip. You should check some of them out, even if your longest journey will be to the side of the pool. If you want some ideas for fun close to home, check out the list of “staycation” resources here or on our home page.

The first thing I needed was a guidebook, so I went right to the library shelves. If you don’t see any for your destination, let us know.  We are always expanding the collection, or we can request books from other libraries. 

Before any trip, you’d check your library shelves for guides, but don’t forget to check electronically, too.  Freading, one of the library’s two e-book collections, has many up to date travel guides. Because they are downloaded onto your phone or tablet, you can take them with you and not worry about a physical book to return.

I wanted to learn Norwegian, and the library has a way to help.  Through a program called Transparent Language, you can learn over 80 languages, including English as a Second Language.   You’ll listen, speak, and read while the program tracks your progress. Before you know it, you’ve learned a new language.  Once you have created a username, you’ll be able to download an app for your smart phone. You’ll be able to learn on the go; your progress will sync with your online account.

For language learning you can use at home, you have access to a program called Signing Savvy.  With a dictionary of several thousand high-resolution videos, you’ll be able to learn American Sign Language signs and finger-spelled words as used within the United States and Canada. Signing Savvy also allows you to build custom word lists and share them with others, create virtual flash cards and quizzes, print signs, build sign phrases, and much more.

Another thing I wanted to do was soak up a little culture before I arrived.   A keyword search in the library catalog turned up a variety of novels, non-fiction, movies, and audio books about Norway. My trip started even before I left the country.

Happy traveling!