Here’s the latest news from South Plainfield Library:

            First, reminder about our operating hours for those who missed it earlier.  We’ll be closed on Tuesday (Dec. 24th) and Wednesday (Dec. 25th) for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, respectively.  The following week, we’ll have an abbreviated (that means shortened) schedule on Tuesday, Dec. 31st of 9AM-12:30PM for New Year’s Eve, then we’ll be closed on Wednesday, Jan. 1st, 2014 for New Year’s Day.

            We’ll have our usual schedule of children’s programs next week, but be advised that those programs will be cancelled for the following two weeks.  They’ll start up again on Tuesday, Jan. 7th, by which time the kids will want a break from all the toys they got two weeks earlier.

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            Beyond that, things will be somewhat quiet here until we change years.  But, we’ll still be open for those looking for books or A/V titles, those wanting to use the computers, and those wanting to get in out of the cold. 

          We have space this week for a couple of notes.  First, some of you may wonder why we tend to move parts of our collection from one part of the building to another, and why we sometimes go through and pare down our collection.  While this does have the effect of keeping our patrons on the alert, that’s not the main reason.

            The fact of the matter is that our collection, both physically and digitally, is constantly growing.  For all the digital items, just a couple more data storage units are all that’s needed.  For the physical items, though, we need shelf space.  And, unfortunately, we can only fit so much on the space we presently have.  So, we’re doing our best to make the best possible use of our available space.  That includes removing titles that are outdated or haven’t been used in quite some time, and consolidating what’s left.  It can also mean moving more in-demand items to more accessible shelves.  In any case, we’re doing what we can to keep as much of what we have as available to you as we’re able. 

            We’ll try to keep you informed as to what gets changed.  (For example, Young Adult audiobooks are now found back by the periodicals, on the shelves in the corner under the windows.)  If you need guidance, don’t hesitate to ask.


            Next, you may have noticed that the weather has gotten somewhat colder.  (“Really, Ken?  I was wondering where all that ice on the sidewalk was coming from.”)  Now, our heating system is working well right now, but we’d rather not tax it too much, or needlessly run up our utility bills.  You can help by not overusing our semi-automatic doors.  If you’re disabled and need to use the button, that’s not a problem.  But, if you don’t need it, don’t use it.  And please try not to keep the doors open longer than you have to.  That helps keep the warm air inside.

            Finally, we’re finishing up the Wish Tree and Books to Keep charity drives for this year.  And the response to both of them has been really, really generous.  We’ll have exact figures later, but we can say we’re very impressed by how people have responded.  Our sincere thanks to all of you who participated and helped those in need.

            That’s all for this week.  For more information, please call us at (908) 754-7885, or visit our website at  You may also check our Facebook page at  Thanks for your attention.