As we catch our collective breaths between winter storm warnings, here’s some news from South Plainfield Library:   First, here’s a reminder that we’ll be closed on Wednesday, Feb. 12th, for Lincoln’s Birthday, and on Sunday & Monday, Feb. 16th & 17th, for President’s Day.

            Several people have been asking about when we’ll be getting copies of the state & Federal tax forms.  Here’s the current situation: we now have most of the commonly-used Federal tax forms & booklets.  You can find them in the wooden rack in the vestibule.  As more forms come in, we’ll put them out for distribution.  We do request, though, that you be considerate of others and only take the minimum number of copies that you need.

            As far as the NJ State forms are concerned,  state policy holds that paper forms and books are no longer distributed to libraries, and that individuals may receive them by calling the Division of Taxation at (800) 323-4400 and requesting them.  You may also download and print out forms directly from the Division’s website, just as you can with Federal forms from the IRS website.

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            If you need any help with this, please stop by the Reference Desk.  Be advised that we are STRICTLY PROHIBITED from recommending tax forms or giving tax advice.  Such questions are best directed to a tax professional or other financial expert, who are more qualified to help you when the Ides of April get here.

            Here’s a request from our Notary Public: if you’re bringing in forms to be notarized, please make sure you’re fully informed about what they are and what you’ll doing when you sign them.  The notary isn’t qualified and isn’t allowed to advise you about forms he’s only just seen.  Make sure you have all of your information ready before you get to the Library.  Also, it helps if you inform him right away how many forms will need to be taken care of, since he’ll need to have some details for his records.  Trust us, making the job easier helps everyone in the long run.

            We also have room to clear up a common misconception about reciprocal borrowing.  As you probably know, we have an agreement in place with most of the other libraries in Middlesex & Union counties that allow patrons from each library to borrow items from another library.  That agreement also extends towards being able to return books borrowed directly from another library (rather than through Inter-Library Loan) to another library.  (For example, borrowing a book from Plainfield and returning it to South Plainfield.)  However, there’s a catch: South Plainfield has a different computer system than these other libraries.  So, if you return that out-of-town book to us, we can’t check it back in.  Instead, we’ll send it back to the lending library ASAP, and it’ll be marked as “checked in” once they physically receive it.  So, if you must return another library’s book to us, be sure to allow some transit time so it won’t be received past due.

            With those advisories, we’ll wrap it up for now.  As always, you can get more details about the Library and upcoming Library events at, or on our Face book page at  You can also call us at (908) 754-7885 and speak to a staff member.  Thanks for your attention, keep those snow shovels handy.  We’ve still got a ways to go until spring.