It’s time for some springtime news from South Plainfield Library.  (Bet you thought winter would hang around until July, eh?)

            There are a couple of schedule changes coming up.  First, the Library will close early at 8PM on Thursday, April 10th.  Later on, the Library will be closed all day on Sunday, April 13th (in observance of Palm Sunday), Friday, April 18th (in observance of Good Friday), and on Sunday, April 20th (in observance of Easter Sunday). 

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            We have room for a few notes this week.  First, here’s one regarding computer print-outs.  Please remember that our public computers will begin automatically shutting down about ten minutes before closing.  Therefore, we ask that you prepare and send over any printouts by about fifteen minutes before closing, to ensure that they won’t get blanked when everything turns off.  Also, if you’re printing out a large number of items, we ask that you prepare them early, in order that they can be fully taken care off well before closing.

            Speaking of closing, here’s an important note.  We know that a number of parents feel comfortable leaving their older kids here at the Library on their own.  That’s up to you, but we do ask this: if you intend to pick your kids up, make sure you’re here for them well before closing.  Our staff is not qualified and not permitted to look after your kids after the Library has closed.  Be advised that, in the event a young person is left here without transportation after closing, we will contact the South Plainfield Police regarding the situation.  So, please allow yourself enough time to avoid any such hassle.

            Finally, a quick word regarding a change in our shelving arrangement.  All of our videocassettes, both adult and juvenile, are now shelved under the windowsill in the main area, just to the side of the DVD shelves.  And, yes, some people still have VCRs and borrow the VHS tapes, so don’t act like it’s odd.  It’s not like we’re talking about Edison wax cylinders, folks.

            That’s about all for this week.  For more information, please call us at (908) 754-7885 or visit our website at  You may also visit our Facebook page at  Thanks very much; see you later.