Hi, All!  We hope you are doing as well as expected.  Remember to take care of yourself by getting some fresh air everyday and keeping active.  Even though we encourage using the library’s online resources, we want you to get away from your screens now and then and move around!

All kinds of movement are good.  Have a dance party, or just go into the yard and run around.  Walk around the block or enjoy a stroll in the newly reopened parks.  Try a home workout or a quick yoga session.

To inspire you, we have added movement classes to our online programming.  For kids, there is kung fu, hip-hop, Zumba and yoga.  There are adult Tai Chi classes.  Check out the library website for the schedule.  If there is something else you are interested in, let us know.

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Gardening is a great activity, combining fresh air and movement.  If your child has been planting seeds, or just watching the grass grow, encourage them to take a picture.  Send it to Ms Audrey and she will post them every week.

We’ve taken some of your favorite children’s programs and moved them online.  In addition to storytime (in English, Chinese, or Spanish) and the movement classes, look for the PropBox Players to bring fun—and maybe some slime—to a screen near you. There are also crafting and Lego challenges and snacking with Ms Mija and more.  The fantastic children’s staff add new things all the time. Keep watching our website and Facebook.

We’re finding more ways to bring you adult programming, too.  ESL classes and book club discussions have moved online.  Contact me (via the email on the website) to join the conversations and make suggestions.

All programs require email registration.  You’ll find the right person to contact at www.southplainfield.lib.nj.us

We have gcreated a series of videos to help you use online resources.  Check out our YouTube channel to watch. You'll also get a peek at storytime!

In addition to entertainment and education, the library is a guide to reliable information. Be aware of scams and hoaxes. For example, there are no processing fees needed to get your Covid relief check. Don’t belief anyone who tells you otherwise.  The link to real information about the checks and others are on  the library homepage.

Another place to research hoaxes is through the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and the State Police.  They have set up a website: www.njhomelandsecurity.gov/covid19.  It’s worth looking at to what’s real and what’s not. 

We want you to stay safe and healthy! And to take advantage of all the great resources your library provides!