Time for some mid-summer news (as opposed to Midsomer news, for you British mystery fans) from South Plainfield Library:

First, the Library will be closed on Wednesday morning, and be open 1-9PM the rest of the day.  Children’s programming will be cancelled that day. 

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Now, we’re changing things on Wednesday because of the groundbreaking ceremony for the loooooooooooong-awaited Library expansion project.  The ceremony is set for that evening at 7:00.  Everyone is invited to attend.  Any kids who are there will get their own pail and shovel to help with the digging once the official first shovelfuls are done.  (Sorry, we won’t have them for the adults.)  Please stop by for this very special milestone in our Library’s history.

Turning to other events, this week’s “Monday Night Movie” will be shown at 6:30.  It’s being presented free; no pre-registration is required.  This week’s movie is a sci-fi story about a human mind downloaded into a computer (no, it’s not another “Tron” sequel).  It stars Johnny Depp, who isn’t playing a pirate.  Please call us for more information.

Once again, we’ve got a very full schedule of children’s programs this week.  Going through our summer programs, the “Monday Morning Movie” for all ages will be shown at 10:30.  “Tuesday Tales”, for children age 7 & over, will be held that afternoon at 1:30.  Shortly afterwards, the Chess Club, for players of all ages and skill levels, is set for Tuesday at 4PM.  Please pre-register for this program.  And the Pokemon Club, for players of all ages, will meet on Friday afternoon at 2:00.  Please bring your own card sets for this program.

Looking at our year-round programs, “Storytime”, for children age 3 & over, will be held on Tuesday morning at 10:30 and Thursday afternoon at 1:15.  “Toddler Time”, for children age 2 & 3, will be held on Thursday morning at 10:30.  And “Babytime (Part 1)”, for children age 2 & under who can’t walk on their own, will be held on Friday morning at 10:15.  “Babytime (Part 2)”, for children age 2 & under who can walk on their own, will follow at 11:15.  (We’ll let you know if we decide to add “Babytime (Part 3)” in the future.)  And “Friday Fun”, for children age 7 & over, is set for Friday afternoon at 3:00.  The story programs usually last around an hour and feature stories, songs and a craft activity for older children.  “Friday Fun” lasts two hours and includes games and crafts.  These programs are all presented free; no pre-registration is needed.  Please check with Miss Mija for more details

.And, we’ve got a special program set for Thursday night at 6:30.  The Lizard Guys will be making a return appearance in South Plainfield.  Their interactive wildlife program is for children age 4 & over, and includes live reptiles and insects.  The program will be held down the street at the Senior Center.  You don’t need to pre-register.  In lieu of an admission charge, please bring non-perishable food items for the Middlesex County Community Food Drive.

Our Notary Public will be away on a much-needed vacation starting on Thursday afternoon.  He’ll be back on Monday, August 11th.  If you like, he’ll bring back video footage of this year’s demolition derby.

 One last note: it has been brought to our attention that someone has been illegally downloading videos on our computers.  For years, we’ve had a policy of not restricting access on our computers, in order to provide our patrons with unfiltered information and content.  However, this can’t extend to illegal activity.  So, in the best interests of yourselves, your fellow patrons, and your friendly neighborhood library, we ask that you refrain from illegally downloading content.  We’d really appreciate your cooperation on this.  It’ll save us all at lot of trouble.

We’re located at 2484 Plainfield Ave. in South Plainfield, NJ.  For more information, please call (908) 754-7885.  You can also visit our website at www.southplainfield.lib.nj.us, or visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/southplainfieldlibrary.  Thanks for your attention, and let’s get those picks and shovels ready.