Well, we’ve started a new month, and we’re between St. David’s Day (Cymru am byth!) and St. Patrick’s Day (Éirinn go Brách!).  Fortunately, South Plainfield Library has some things to keep you busy between celebrations of Welsh and Irish heritage.
            Starting with the children’s programming:
            -“Babytime”, for children age 2 & under, will be held both this Friday morning (March 6th) and next Friday morning (March 13th) at 10:15 and 11:15, and both following Saturday mornings at 10:15.
            - We’ll have another “Chill Zone” program, for young people age 10 & over, this Friday afternoon at 2:00.  The kids can study, do homework, play board games, or just relax.  Snack foods are permitted, but spillage is discouraged.
            - The Italian language “Storytime” program with Ms. Maria is set for both Friday afternoons at 3:30.  It’s for kids age 5-7.
            - We’ll have all four of our usual “Toddler Time” programs coming up.  They’re for children age 2 & over, and will be held on Saturday morning at 11:30, and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 10:30.  Be advised that the Thursday program will feature a guest appearance by longtime favorite Mr. Kurt.
            - Children age 5 & over are invited to our “Messy Hands Art” program on Sunday afternoon at 2:00.  We’ll provide all the art materials, and the soap to wash up afterwards.
            - We’ll have three bi-lingual “Storytime” programs on Monday.  Our Chinese program with Ms. Kitty, for children age 2-6, is set for Monday morning at 10:30.  The Korean language program with Ms. Park, for children of all ages, is set for Monday afternoon at 5:30.  And the Spanish program with Ms. Mija and Ms. Jailene, for children age 2-6, will follow at 6:30.
            - Our next “Afternoon Gaming” program is scheduled for Monday afternoon at 3:00.  It’s for young people age 12 & over, and both board games and a dock for Nintendo Switch will be available.  (Sorry, we don’t have the budget for a pool table.)
            - We’ll only have two “Playtime” programs next week.  They’re for children age 2 & over, and are set for Tuesday and Wednesday at 11:15, right after “Toddler Time”.
            - The “Chinese Language Book Club”, also led by Ms. Kitty, will be held on Tuesday afternoon at 4:00.  It’s for kids in Grade 1 & over who have some knowledge of Chinese, and will be presented in Mandarin.
            - We have a couple of craft programs for young people next Wednesday afternoon.  Participants will be making “bath bombs”, and we’ll provide the materials.  The first session, for young people age 10 & over, will be held at 3:00, followed by the second session, for kids age 8 & 9, at 4:00.  Space is limited, so you must pre-register.
             - We’ll have our “Family Storytime” program, for children age 3 & over, next Wednesday evening at 6:30.
             - And our next “Learn Spanish with Ms. Jailene” program is scheduled for Thursday evening at 6:30.  It’s for children age 3-12.
            Turning to our roster of adult programs:
            - All four ESL Conversation Groups will meet over the next few days.  New English speakers who want to practice their skills are welcome to attend.  They’re scheduled for Saturday morning at 10:00, Monday morning at 10:30, Wednesday evening at 7:30, and Thursday afternoon at 1:00.
            - We’re still offering Job Search Skills Coaching sessions, provided by Professional Services Group of New Brunswick.  These one-on-one sessions are held on Monday afternoon, starting at 1:00.  They are by appointment only.
            - The “Monday Night Movie” presentation is scheduled for, appropriately enough, Monday night at 6:30.  It’s presented free-of-charge, and you don’t need to pre-register.  The popcorn is on the house.  Please call us for title and content information.  We can say that it’s a based-on-a-true-story legal thriller from last year, starring Mark Ruffalo and Anne Hathaway.  If you miss the Monday showing, we’ll run it again on Wednesday afternoon at 12:30.
            - The “Tuesday Book Club” will meet this Tuesday afternoon at 4:00.  No pre-registration is required.  They’ll be discussing At the Edge of the Orchard by Tracy Chevalier.  Copies of the book are available at the Reference Desk.
            - The next meeting of the Library Board of Trustees is scheduled for Tuesday evening at 6:30.  Members of the public are invited to attend and learn more about the Library’s current & future plans.  There will be a public comment period before New Business is addressed.  No pre-registration is required.
            We have room to plug a couple of upcoming Sunday programs.  On March 15th at 2:00, we’ll present the historical program “Reclaiming Our Voice”, recounting New Jersey’s role in the women’s suffrage movement.  Featuring actor/historian Carol Simon Levin, this program is being presented free of charge, but you must pre-register.  It’s funded by the Public Scholars Project of the NJ Council for the Humanities, and is produced by the American Historical Theater.
            And on the following Sunday (March 22nd), we’ll present another classic movie comedy at 2:00.  Again, please call us for title and content information.  We can say it’s a comedy/mystery from 1942, with Abbott & Costello as (kinda sorta) intrepid detectives. 
            That’s about all we can fit in this week.  If you’d like more details, please give us a call at (908) 754-7885.  You can also check our website at www.southplainfield.lib.nj.us or our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/southplainfieldlibrary.  Have a good week.