As we slowly but surely work our way back to semi-normal, let’s look at what’s going on at South Plainfield Library:
            First of all, barring a last-minute change, we’ll be starting our curbside service on Wednesday, July 1st.  Patrons may request items from our collection, then stop by the building to pick them up.  For details on how this will work, go to our website (see below for the address) for details.  Please be advised that we’re not quite ready to handle Inter-Library Loan requests.  And if you still have books out from before the lockdown, don’t worry; we’ve adjusted the due dates to allow for that.  Please check your record for the new dates.
            Now let’s look at our roster of virtual programming.  These are still being presented via Zoom, and you’ll need to pre-register.  The links to each registration form are on our website.  (Again, see below for that address.)  We’ll start with the stuff for the kids:
            -Saturday morning (June 27th) at 11:00, the Propbox Players will present “Little Red”, another Virtual Theater performance.  It’s a sensory-friendly improve performance for children age 3-8, and involves audience participation.
            - Ms. Kitty will lead our Chinese-language “Storytime” program on Monday morning at 10:30.  It’ll be presented in English and Mandarin.
            - The “Mommy (or Daddy) & Me Kung-Fu Class” will be held on Monday afternoon at 4:30.  It’s led by Master Cheung, and please include your child’s name and age when you register.
            - We’ll have four “Storytime” programs next week.  They’ll be held on Tuesday morning at 10:30, Wednesday morning at 10:30, Wednesday evening at 6:30, and Thursday morning at 10:30.  The morning programs are for children age 2-4, while the Wednesday evening session is for kids age 4 & over.  Please make sure you’re registering for the correct session.
            - Ms. Kitty will also be conducting the Chinese-language Book Club on Tuesday afternoon at 1:30.  It’s presented in Mandarin, and is for children in 1st Grade & over who have some knowledge of the language.
            - Ms. Kitty also leads our weekly “LEGO Challenge”.  The kids can check our Facebook page (read on for that address) for information on next week’s theme.  They can then send photos of their work to Ms. Kitty on Thursday between 10 am and 2 pm.  Please have them include their name, age and the name of the creation.  We’ll post the pictures and ask the viewers at home to vote for their favorite.
            - Our “Let’s Learn Spanish” class, led by Ms. Jailene, will be held on Thursday evening at 6:30.  It’s for children of all ages, and includes games, songs and activities.
            - We’re still reaching out to budding horticulturalists with Ms. Audrey’s “How Does Your Garden Grow?” program.  Kids can email pictures of seeds they’ve planted or something they’ve seen growing wild so we can keep track of them.  Please send in the photos by 6:00 next Friday evening, and be sure to include your name, age and what it’s a picture of.  We’ll take care of posting the photos for the audience.
            - Ms. Audrey & Ms. Mija will be leading the “Babytime” program, for children age 2 & under, on Friday morning at 10:15.
            - And the next installment of Ms. Jailene’s Spanish-language “Storytime” program is posted over on our YouTube page.  You’ll find the link to the videos on our website.  (Again, address, below.)
            - And this year's Summer Reading Program, "Imagine Your Story", has begun!  We're doing it a bit differently this year, due to the still-limited access to the building.  You'll find details about it on our website.  (You should know where to find the address by now, folks.)
            Turning to our programming for the older folks:
            - Our next Classic Movie Presentation is scheduled for Friday afternoon at 2:00.  You’ll find the links to both the movie and the audio introduction (such as it is) on our Facebook page.  (Don’t worry; it won’t be much longer before you see the address.)  We’ve scheduled another mystery movie this time, as Nick, Nora & Asta spend the Holiday Season solving a murder case.  (And, no, we do not consider this film to be a “Christmas movie”, like some say “Die Hard” is.)
            - The “Yoga, Deep Relaxation & Meditation for Everyone” program will be held on Saturday morning at 10:20.  Everyone is welcome, and no pre-registration is required.  The Zoom ID number is 284 377 3557.
            - Our English Conversation Group, moderated by Ms. Eve, will meet on Monday evening at 8:00.  It’s for those new to the English language who want to practice their conversation skills.
            That’s about all for now.  If you’d like more information, need the e-mail addresses for registration, or want to check for updates, go to our website at or check our Facebook page at  See you next time.