On Saturday, we’ll be celebrating the 50th anniversary of Man landing on the Moon, one of the greatest accomplishments in human history.  The following column is neither a small step for Man, nor is it a giant leap for Mankind.  But it is a helpful rundown of upcoming events at South Plainfield Library:
            First, a reminder that the Library will be closed on Sunday for the rest of the summer.  The rest of our operating hours remain unchanged.
            Turning to our children’s programming:
            - Our “Babytime” programs, for children age 2 & under, will be held both this Friday and next Friday mornings at 10:15 and 11:15, respectively.  The Saturday “Babytime” is scheduled for Saturday morning at 10:30.
            - We’ll have a “Family Game Time” program for all ages this Friday afternoon at 12:30.  You can play one of our board games, or bring one of your own in to share.
            - The Anime Club, for young people age 10 & over, will meet this Friday afternoon at 3:00.  Please call us to find out which movie they’ll be watching.
            - We’ll be having a “Storybook S.T.E.A.M.” program on Monday morning at 10:30.  It’s for kids age 6 & over.  They’ll be reading the book Rosie Revere, Engineer and making paper plate hovercrafts.  You must pre-register for this program.
            - Our Spanish language “Storytime” program with Ms. Jailene will be held on Monday evening at 6:30.  It’s for children age 2-6, and the stories will be presented in both English and Spanish.
            - We’ll be having only one regular “Storytime” program for children age 3 & over this week.  (We’ll explain in a moment.)  It’ll be held on Tuesday morning at 10:30. 
            - Our “Playtime” program for children age 3 & over will be held on Tuesday morning at 11:30, while the program for kids age 2 & 3 is set for Wednesday and Thursday mornings, also at 11:30.
            - We’ll be holding a “Christmas in July Kidcraft” program on Tuesday afternoon at 1:00.  It’s for children age 5 & over, it’s free of charge, and you must pre-register.
            - The “Read Aloud Book Club”, for children age 5-7, will meet on Tuesday afternoon at 4:30.  You don’t need to pre-register for this one.
            - “Toddler Time”, for children age 2 & 3, will be held on Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 10:30. 
            - We’ll be having a “Book Tasting” program for young people age 11 & over on Wednesday afternoon at 3:00.  The kids will be sampling a variety of books (reading, not chewing), in order to find a new one they’re interested in.  Pre-registration is required for this program.
            - We’ll have a special “Campfire Storytime” on Wednesday evening at 6:30.  It’s for children age 3 & over, and it’ll feature s’mores, and some scary stories from Judy England-McCarthy.  In deference to the Fire Marshal, no actual campfires will be present.
            - The “LEGO Builders Club” will meet on Thursday afternoon at 3:30.  We’ll provide the LEGO pieces.  Please be sure the kids wear shoes; those things are awful to step on barefoot.
            - Our “Let’s Learn Spanish” program with Ms. Jailene will be held on Thursday evening at 6:30.  It’s for children & young people age 3-12; no pre-registration is required.
            - And on next Friday afternoon at 3:00, we’ll have a “Pizza Time” program with Ms. Mija.  It’s for kids age 10 & over, and they’ll be making and eating mini-pizzas.  Pre-registration is required for this program.
            Astonishingly enough, we do have room for a few programs for the older generation next week:
            - The next “Saturday Crochet Class” is scheduled for this Saturday morning at 10:00.  It’s for adults and young people age 14 & over.  Please call the Library to pre-register and get details on needed materials.
            - Our Saturday “English Conversation Group” will meet on Saturday afternoon at 12:00.  It’s for those new English speakers who’d like to practice their conversation skills.  You don’t need to pre-register.
            - At this writing, there’s still space available for the Integral Yoga program on Saturday afternoon at 1:30, presented by Theresa Jefferson.  Participants must bring their own yoga mats, and should bring a water bottle and wear loose-fitting clothing.  Space is limited, so you must pre-register.
            - We’re still hosting Job Search Skills Coaching sessions on Monday afternoon from 1:00-4:00.  It’s provided by the Professional Service Group of New Brunswick.  They’re by appointment only, so you must call ahead.
            - This week’s “Monday Night Movie” is scheduled for this Monday night at 6:30.  It’s presented free of charge, and we’ll provide the popcorn.  Please call us for title & content information.  We can say that it’s a docudrama on race relations & civil rights, and that it stars Taraji P. Henson and Sam Rockwell.  We’ll be showing the movie again on Wednesday afternoon at 12:30.  You’ll have to bring your own popcorn for that showing.
            One more note: one of our Notaries (the one who dabbles in journalism) will be away on vacation starting August 1st; he’ll be back on August 12th.  Meanwhile, the aforementioned Ms. Jailene is also a Notary and will be here, but you must call ahead to check on her schedule.
            That’s about all we can fit in this week.  If you need more details or have questions, please check our website at www.southplainfield.lib.nj.us or call us at (908) 754-7885.  You may also check our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/southplainfieldlibrary.  Thanks for your attention, and we hope your summer has been all systems go.  (Just tying in the opening & closing paragraphs, folks.)