Well, the weather has warmed up, the trees and flowers are blooming, and tissues are in high demand from allergy sufferers.  But, considering the past fourteen months, that’s a relatively minor concern.  So, here’s some news from South Plainfield Library to distract you further.
            First, a reminder that our programming is still being conducted on-line, usually via Zoom.  You can check for registration and log-in information on our website.  (Stay tuned for that address.)  We hope to resume in-person programming soon, though no timetable has been determined yet.  We’ll let you know when everything is set.
            Starting with the programs for the younger set:
            - Today (May 7th) and next Friday (May 14th), our “Babytime” program is scheduled for 10:15.  It’s for children age 2 & under.
            - Ms. Kitty’s Chinese Language “Storytime” program will be held on Monday morning at 10:30.
            - The “Mommy (or Daddy) & Me” Kung Fu class with Master Cheung is set for Monday afternoon at 5:00.  It’s for kids age 5 & over, and their parents.
            - We’ve got the full schedule of “Storytime” programs next week.  The programs for children age 2-4 will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 10:30.  The one for children age 4 & over is set for Wednesday evening at 6:30.
            - We’ve got a game program scheduled for Wednesday afternoon at 4:00.  It’s for young people age 10 & over, and they’ll be playing “All Bad Cards”.  You’ll find a game description and registration info on our aforementioned website.
            - On Thursday, this week’s “Craft Along” program will be held at 11:15.  Kids can pick up the project for the week starting on Monday.
            - We’ve got something new scheduled for Thursday afternoon at 3:30.  It’s a “Zumbini” program for children age 4 & under, and their parents.  Instructor Lori Fechter will lead the session, combining music, dance and educational tools.  Space is limited, so you must pre-register.
            - Later on Thursday, Ms. Kitty’s Chinese Language Book Club will meet at 5:30.  It’s for kids in 1st Grade and over who have some knowledge of Mandarin.
            - And at 6:30 Thursday evening (we’ve got a very busy Thursday schedule, folks), there’s Ms. Jailene’s “Let’s Learn Spanish” teaching program.
            - Next Friday afternoon at 3:30, Ms. Mija will lead another “Simple Snacks” program for kids age 6 & over.  This time, they’ll be making yogurt parfaits.  You’ll find a list of ingredients on the website.
            We also have some on-going programs for the youngsters.  There’s Ms. Jailene’s Spanish Language “Storytime” program (available on our YouTube channel), the interactive program “Giants, Kings & Mythical Things…” from Housel Fun & Fitness (also with details on the website), and our “Crafts & Cards of Kindness” program for homebound seniors in the South Plainfield area (supplies available at the Children’s Room desk).          
            Now we’ll look at programming for the somewhat older folks:
            - This Friday and next Friday, we’ve got our weekly Classic Movie Presentation.  You’ll find the links to each movie posted on our Facebook page (hang on for that address) each Friday afternoon around 1:45. We’ll also post links to introductions to each movie from one of our staff who thinks he’s some kind of film expert or something.  This Friday’s movie features some mop-topped pop group from Liverpool, while next Friday’s movie has New Jersey’s own Abbott & Costello.  (Bud was from Asbury Park, and Lou was from Patterson.)
            - Our English Conversation Group will be meeting on Monday evening at 8:00 and Thursday afternoon at 4:00.  Led by Ms. Eve, they’re for new English speakers who want to practice their conversation skills.
            - The Adult On-Line Book Club will meet on Tuesday afternoon at 4:00.  Be advised that there’s been in change in subject.  This month’s title is now The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan.  This title is available for download as an audiobook or an e-book.  Details on that are on the aforeaforementioned website.
            - And on Thursday afternoon at 4:30 (don’t worry, we can fit all of these programs in on that day), Ms. Mija will have a cooking class for adults.  She’ll be showing participants how to make the Korean dish Pajeon. Pre-registration is required, and you’ll receive the ingredients list when you sign up.
            One more note: even though restrictions have eased a bit, and our doors are now open, we still have some guidelines regarding building occupancy.  As a result, our tables and chairs are still socked away, and our study rooms are still unavailable.  However, you’re free to use the benches on our front porch, and the table under the pergola near the parking lot.  Both areas are within range of our Wi-Fi signal.
            That’s about all we can fit in this week.  For more details, check on our website (www.southplainfield.lib.nj.us), give us a call at (908) 754-7885, or go to our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/southplainfieldlibrary).  See you next Friday.
            Oh, and a pre-emptive “Gesundheit”.