SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ - The brownie girls of troop 65057 visited the Highland Woods Nature Reserve. Inside the nature center they saw animal bones, fossils, gemstones, wildlife artifacts, and models/displays of nature conservation. They loved being able to touch, see and learn in a fun and unique atmosphere. Behind the building are bird feeders that they cleaned and filled with seed for the multiple types of birds that live in the area. Seed was spread on the ground because squirrels and chipmunks need to eat too.

The girls embarked on a 30 minute trail hike that started at the building. Over bridges and logs they learned about trail signs, poisonous plants and safety. Along the way they picked up different sized and colored leaves. The Highlands proved a great way for the girls to earn their Hiking Patch right in their “backyard". More people should take them time to explore the Reserve.