The team of Chrissy Buteas for mayor and Joe Lambert and Joseph Sorrentino for council said voters they speak to want action on matters that impact their daily quality of life -- specifically traffic and public safety -- and are becoming increasingly turned off by the Republicans continued negative attacks and politics of personal destruction.

“As we walk door-to-door across the borough, we hear voters’ frustrations that our opponents are ignoring the quality of life issues they really care about,” said Buteas. “People want to know how we’re going to tackle traffic and how we’re going to help make the borough safer. They want to see a commitment to the future. Sadly, they’re not getting that from the current administration, which has had five years to work on these challenges, but hasn’t.”

Buteas, Lambert and Sorrentino put forward a comprehensive proposal for alleviating traffic across the borough. They also aim to work more closely with the police department to provide the necessary tools and programs needed to attack petty crimes and drug-related crimes, before they transform into more threatening situations such as last week’s reported home invasion.

“My family moved to South Plainfield because it was the type of town where neighbors didn’t have to lock their doors, and we’re sadly losing that quality of life in many corners of the borough,” said Lambert. “We are committed to helping our police, by doing the little things like making sure every street light works to deter petty crimes. Its the little things can make a huge difference and give our police a leg-up. It’s nearly 2015, and the current administration wants our police to work as if it’s still 2009.”