To the Editor:

I am writing this letter in response to the article that was printed in the Observer on June 27, 2014.  The Democratic Mayor and Council candidates stated that we removed a tree illegally for a taxpayer and long time resident of town that was years ago a Councilman and Republican Chairman.  First let me say that I have worked for the D.P.W. for almost 40 years and have never seen any candidates stoop to this level.  Our Department takes down or trims approximately 200 trees per year.  I believe we have the finest tree program in the entire state. 

Every complaint that we receive for either a takedown or trim is written up as a work order and expeditiously checked by either myself or a foreman to make sure that:  #1 – the tree is within the right of way of borough property; #2 – the condition of the tree and #3 – whether the tree is near PSE&G wires which require them to top it out before the D.P.W. can remove or trim.  In no case do we cut any trees that do not meet these requirements. 

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Once a tree is removed we put the stump on a list for removal.  I am appalled and disgusted that these candidates would attempt to make an issue out of something that is totally not true.  Again this is a disgrace to witness first hand that any person would sell out their conscience to get elected to public office.  This tree was within the borough right of way and infested with ants.


Robert Capparelli

General Supervisor, D.P.W.