The South Plainfield Democratic Candidates for Borough Council, Cassie Capparelli and Roberto Sayers, this week talked about the great need to focus on South Plainfield’s exploding traffic issues.

Cassie Capparelli stated, “As Roberto and I continue to walk door-to-door, residents are quite concerned with the lack of any coherent plan forward to start addressing traffic issues.  There are tractor trailers on many of our residential streets.  With the start of the school year, the concern is greater with the presence of school children.  This is a risk that we cannot afford to take.  When Roberto and I are elected, we will work with our Traffic Safety Committee and our business leaders to put a sensible traffic plan in place that both protects our resident and facilitates our businesses.  A sensible traffic plan should not be a guessing game for the residents.  Too many projects such as the alternate truck route have been dormant or forgotten for too long.  It is time to begin work an alternate truck route with the assistance of our State and Federal representatives.  Together, we can get these huge trucks off our residential streets.

Roberto Sayers continued, “South Plainfield is now a primary cut-through or access route for people and trucks coming to or from Route 287.  It can take as long as 30 minutes to get from the north side of South Plainfield to Route 287 during the morning or evening rush hour.  Whether morning rush hour or after school dismissal and on through the evening rush, we see heavy traffic everywhere in So. Plainfield - Durham Ave., Hamilton Boulevard, Maple Ave., Oak Tree Road, Park Ave., Plainfield Ave., Front Street and Sampton Ave.  We need to make sure that the truck routes are well marked, especially around our schools.  We also need to look at the design of our roads to determine if some smart changes might make a difference, like a left turn signal or left hand turning lane in various locations.  We cannot wait for the traffic to get any worse before we act.  The costs in terms of dollars for road repairs and the potential dangers to our residents are too much.  So far in 2017, there have been 29 fatalities in traffic accidents in Middlesex County.  We need to make sure that So. Plainfield is safe for our residents.”

Cassie Capparelli concluded, “The horrible traffic conditions facing our residents are the biggest issues that the Borough Council must address.  Roberto Sayers and I will make this a top priority.  Granted, these are hard issues.  But ignoring them is not going to make them better.  It’s time to get things done on an alternative truck route that will limit which streets large trucks can drive on, increase safety for our residents, and relieve traffic congestion.”