The South Plainfield Democratic Candidates for Borough Council, Cassie Capparelli and Roberto Sayers, this week discussed the reasons why they want to serve the residents of South Plainfield as members of the Borough Council.

Cassie Capparelli stated, “As Roberto and I walk door-to-door, residents often ask us, ‘Why run for elected office and why get involved in politics?’  For me, serving South Plainfield has always been a part of my family.  From both of my grandfathers, Tulio Capparelli and Larry Massaro, and my parents, I learned that the best way to make your community better is to participate.  I want to make a difference and one of the best ways to do that is to run for elected office.  I hope that younger voters will see my candidacy as an opportunity to have their voices heard.  Public service is an excellent route to making a positive contribution for the betterment of all people.  All levels of our government work best when we’re all engaged and represented. I am not a professional politician.  I just care about South Plainfield and want to make a positive change.  I don’t look at serving on the Borough Council as a job.  Rather, I see it as an opportunity to give back to the people of South Plainfield who have done so much for me and my family.”

Roberto Sayers continued, “Public service has been a major focus of my life.  I am gratified to serve my community in various ways, from the Business Advisory Group in South Plainfield to serving as an usher at my church. As a specialist in financial, pension and benefits matters, I know I have the financial experience and skills that can really be an asset to our Borough.  I am ready to help the taxpayers by making sure that the Borough is spending less while doing more. It’s time to adopt best business practices in running our Borough government.  I also am proud that Cassie and I have run a campaign of ideas for the future of South Plainfield.  I probably enjoy campaigning more than most other candidates because I really enjoy listening to many different people and want to know their concerns and want to tell them how we can work together to get things done.  Our door-to-door campaign has confirmed that South Plainfield is a great place to live and the people of South Plainfield want their elected leaders to work without regard to political party.  We do not accept politics as usual and neither should the people of South Plainfield.”

Roberto Sayers concluded, “Cassie and I are running for Borough Council because we have the passion and commitment to hard work to ensure that our local government helps to better the lives of the residents of South Plainfield.  We will never forget that public service is a privilege.  I think Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best, ‘The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.’”