The Caught On A Walk program, sponsored by the Mayor’s Wellness Committee supports walking and healthy lifestyles in South Plainfield.  The program is designed to enhance the community experience and our participation in it.    

Get outside and enjoy the warm weather by walking.  Ask a friend to come with you.  It’s a healthy, social activity and you may just happen to get “caught on a walk”.

Caught:  At Spring Lake Park

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Walkers: Kate Sullivan, Gabriel Morales & Lilah

What brings you out today?

The weather!   It’s so nice today.  And to get some exercise.

Do you walk on a regular basis?

We try to.  Now that the weather is nice, we try to get outside 2-3 times per week to walk.  And… I’m expecting, so we really make an extra effort now.  It’s a healthy thing to do, plus we really like the park.  It’s nice and it’s clean.  Look around - just to be in this environment makes us feel good. 

Do you exercise in different places around town or do you stick to the park?

Well…we both have gym memberships, but I’m embarrassed to say that we really don’t use them very much.  We like the park.  We don’t get out much when it’s cold, but once the summer starts we get out more often.  The park is very close to my home, so getting out is convenient for us.  We’re fairly new to South Plainfield and we really enjoy having the park so close to where we live.

What made you pick South Plainfield?

South Plainfield is very pet-friendly.  We wanted to move to a town that would let us keep our dog Lilah.  Other towns made it very difficult to keep a pet.  They have rules that pets have to be a specific weight and sometimes even a specific breed.  South Plainfield is close to where I work and we were able to find a place that let us keep Lilah, so we’re very happy here.

The Mayor’s Wellness Committee is trying to achieve the “Healthy Town” designation from the state-wide Mayor’s Wellness Campaign, what do you think would make South Plainfield a healthier town?

Town events that focus on health topics would be good.  The carnival in town last week was very popular.  A lot of people came out for that.  Maybe a fair that focused on health topics would work. 

The committee hosted two health fairs this year – I guess we need to do a better job promoting the events

Really?  We didn’t know about those.  We use the convenience stores in town a lot.  Maybe if the committee advertised in the stores in addition to the town paper, more people would know about the events.  We will have to catch the next one.

Lastly, what is the most interesting thing that has ever happened to you while walking? 

Not much happens.  It’s very peaceful.  I guess this interview is the most interesting that has happened to us. We will have to pick up the town paper this week to see how it turns out.