The Caught On A Walk program, sponsored by the Mayor’s Wellness Committee supports walking and healthy lifestyles in South Plainfield.  The program is designed to enhance the community experience and our participation in it.    

Get outside and enjoy the warm weather by walking.  Ask a friend to come with you.  It’s a healthy, social activity and you may just happen to get “caught on a walk”.

Caught:  At Putnam Park

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Walker: Pat Bayak

What brings you out today?

The weather mostly – it’s beautiful today.  I want to start my day this way.  I feel blessed.  I’m in a good routine and walk with my friend every day.  If I don’t do it, I miss it.

Do you walk on a regular basis?

Yes, I started with my friend Chris for fitness and for talk time, you know… girl talk.  I now walk every day with my friend Carmela.  I can’t believe you caught me alone today.  She’s usually with me and we were just talking about “Caught On A Walk” – we read about the walkers recently featured in the local newspaper. We walk together every day, but things are a little looser on Sundays, we’re not as strict – that’s why Carmela is not with me today.  During the week we’re always together if the weather permits.  I’m sorry she’s not with me today for the interview (Hi Carmela).

Do you have any advice for others considering a walking routine?

Get out and go.  You will feel better.  Even if it’s just a little bit, it makes a big difference. 

What’s your favorite part about walking in SP?

Just walking around gives you an appreciation for how nice our neighborhood is.  We see a lot of people out when we walk.  We get used to seeing the same people and if we don’t see them, we notice and ask about how they’re doing.  It’s nice to have that feeling – everyone is friendly and we look out for one another. 

I also appreciate the friends that I have and cherish the time we get to spend together each day.  We walk, we talk and we end each walk with a prayer – a prayer for ourselves and for others.  It’s a nice way to end our routine and a great way to start our day.