SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ - Charles Mingle has been the official Fire Department chaplain for over 45 years, serving the needs of the department in more ways than can be recorded.  His dedication to service is unprecedented.  It was a common sight to see him alongside the members at many of the jobs over the years braving the elements and offering encouragement to the troops and helping wherever needed.  This week, a number of the members gathered together and delivered the new Truck 7 to his front door to allow him to perform the official blessing.  Chaplin Mingle along with his wife Jean and a good portion of their neighbors gathered on the street for the short ceremony.  The visible love and respect that Chaplin Mingle’s neighbors demonstrated in making our short visit with them is a clear indication of the effect that our brother has on people.  We are so grateful brother for all you have done for us over the years,  we will not forget.