(Editor’s Note: Elections for the South Plainfield Board of Education will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 7. This year, seven candidates are vying for three open seats; incumbents John Farinella, Chere Glover, and Sharon Miller are seeking re-election while Keith Both, Jennifer Curtis, Pio Pennisi, and Stephanie Wolak are vying for a seat as well. TAPinto emailed all seven candidates the same questions and is publishing each candidate profile in alphabetical order.)

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ – Chere Glover, a resident for 18 years, is seeking re-election to her second consecutive term on South Plainfield Board of Education (BOE). She currently serves as vice president of the BOE, chairs the curriculum, personnel, and special education committees, and is a member of the finance and public relations committees.  Glover’s name will appear on the ballot in ‘Line 4.’

During her tenure on the BOE, Glover completed courses, on varied topics, earning New Board Member Certification from the New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA). She has also completed training in leadership for board presidents, and vice presidents also through NJSBA.

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On a professional front, Glover, who earned both her bachelors and masters degrees in social work from Rutgers University, is a licensed social worker in New Jersey and a New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) certified school social worker.  She has been working in education for the past 25 years and is currently employed by Jersey City Public Schools. Additionally, she holds a certification in family and divorce mediation and, in the past, has conducted home studies for the adoption agency in central jersey. She has also been an adjunct professor at Essex County College.

Glover and her husband, Tracy, are parents to four children, three sons who have graduated from South Plainfield Schools, and one daughter who is currently a freshman. She has been actively involved in the community for over a decade and has served as a member of the Roosevelt, Grant, Middle and High School PTOs and a volunteer for Pop Warner and the High School Athletic Booster Club, Glover also founded the South Plainfield Parents Boys Basketball Group in 2012-2013 and is currently a Girl Scout troop leader.   

For this year’s election, all seven candidates vying for three open seats on the South Plainfield BOE were provided with the same questions. Glover’s responses are as follows:


TAPinto South Plainfield (TAPinto): Why are running for re-election to the South Plainfield BOE?

Chere Glover (CG): I have decided to run for re-election, to continue the work that I have been such an integral part of since 2014.  Our board is more cohesive with a real focus on the growth our district. I know my presence is paramount for the continued growth of our schools. I am part of a team creating the foundation for excellence.  As a current seated member, I know the issues, plans, and goals. We can keep our momentum of progress. There is no new learning curve for me as an incumbent.  I believe my re- election, will keep continuity and consistency. 


TAPinto: In your opinion, what is the role of a board of education member?

CG: Actually, my opinion of what the role of a board member is has been already defined by the New Jersey School Boards, called the Role and Responsibilities of a board member. I try to follow this guide without ambiguity. We establish policy to ensure that the district can run effectively, under the direction of the superintendent.


TAPInto: What do you feel are the top three (3) issues affecting South Plainfield schools?

CG: The top three issues affecting our district I feel are as follows: (1) Completing the referendum projects within the timeline and keeping a very close eye on the spending for the projects; (2) Improving the service delivery to our special needs students; and (3) An intense review of our curriculum at all grade levels, to raise the standards of learning. The above listed issues, I can say we are currently in progress of making all the necessary improvements.


TAPinto: If re-elected to the board, what is the first thing you would look into?

CG: In all honesty, I have no real ‘first thing to look into.’ I will continue to work on all areas of our district, as I currently do now. I believe as a board we prioritize along with the superintendent the needs of the district.


TAPinto: What are some of your accomplishments as a member of the board?

CG: During my tenure, there were many positive accomplishments I could discuss, however I will list the top three. My most notable accomplishment is the careful selection of a permanent superintendent.  Dr. Noreen Lishak is professional who is committed to South Plainfield and collaborates with the board and community, consistently. Another accomplishment would be the passing of the bond referendum for all our facility upgrades. Lastly, the budget for this year was under the cap, for the first time since my time on the board.


TAPinto: What do you like best about South Plainfield Schools?

CG:  What I love best about our schools are the students! When I see our students growing and making great accomplishments, I know all the volunteer hours I put into the South Plainfield school district is worth it!


TAPinto: Why should residents re-elect you to the South Plainfield BOE? What makes you the candidate of choice?

CG: I am the candidate of choice for many reasons as stated in this article. I will say, my attendance and promptness to all the board and committee meetings is excellent, being present is vital. Additionally, I believe my presence has helped in redefining our board, by developing a climate of collaboration. In short, I hope that ultimately the work I’ve done will speak for me!

TAPinto: Is there anything else you would like voters to know?

CG: I have seen education from the elementary level through high school as a parent, professional, and a board member. I don’t see education through one lens. I understand the workings from all angles. Furthermore, my agenda is still all about the students, staff, and community. As a parent and a taxpayer, I believe the community wants a sound school district, [one] that is fiscally responsible and provides a solid education for our children. I still believe, as I stated in my 2014 campaign, South Plainfield is now in the right direction, with this leadership team, to become a ‘Blue Ribbon’ district. 

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